It is a great pleasure to invite you to the world premiere of the 10th Anniversary of Under the subway Video Art Night.
September 12 at 1:45pm / New York (GMT -0400).
World premiere on YouTube.
There will be another screening the following Saturday Sept 19 and after this will be open to the public in YouTube for one week.
Please, look for your time zone to invite people to enjoy this edition.
Selected artists!

- Systaime. Happy Deep Love. 2’ 05”. Spain.
- Jeremy Griffaud. Poèmes. 1’ 05”. Nice, France.
- Mikio Saito. Big Black Nosebleeder. 1’ 09”. Japan.
- Shir Handelsman. WHO OWNS THE SUN?. 2’ 33”. Israel.
- Gonzalo Miralles. Imperceptible. 1’ 49”. Chile.
- Lorenzo Papanti. The body of Christ. 3’ 17”. Italy.
- Alfredo Gonzalez. Domes and Doves. 4’. Spain.
- Manuel Granados. Working Class Hero. 2’ 34”. Spain.
- Greta Alfaro. He Had Got Certain Vibes. 2’ 31”. Spain-UK.
- Rodrigo Alcon. moon of debris #03. 4’. Argentina.
- Julian Scordato. Spirography. 3’. Italy.
- Paul Lozano. The appearance of the mountain in the landscape. 3’. Mexico.
- TondoSmiling (Lucía Cristóbal Marín & Ramón López de Benito). Still Made. 4’. Spain-Germany.
- Domen Dimovski. Touches of the trees. 4’. Slovenia.
- Shelley Jordon. Coney Island-Far Rockaway. 1’ 04”. USA.
- Francisco Pradilla. O tempora o mores. 3’ 34”. Spain.
- Jean-Michel Rolland. Traces:Birds. 1’. France.
- Andrea Orejarena. Ice Cream at 5. 1’ 14”. Colombia-USA.
- Tomáš Picha. Gates. 1’ 55”. Slovakia.
- Pablo-Martín Córdoba. Postdigital flipbook. 4’. France.
- Aïda Gómez. Ladies First. 2’ 34”. Spain.
- Nathaniel Sullivan. I Work In Finance: Crockett's Theme. 4’. USA.
- Laurel Beckman. As Below So Above. 1’. USA.
- Ivana Larrosa. Episode III- The Return of Fargam. 3’ 30”. Spain- USA.
- Ali Kazemi. Zero Point. 3’. Iran. 

Antonio Ortuño
Under the subway Video Art Night (USVAN).
USVAN is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by LMCC. 
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