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The ANNEX Art Social Space. 



at The ANNEX Art Social Space in New York and Project Space Kleiner Salon in Berlin.
When: Saturday, June 20.
The ANNEX Art Social Space 
248 Roebling St. Brooklyn. NY 11211
Project Space Kleiner Salon
Manteuffelstraße 42, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Director/curator/organizer Antonio Ortuño.
Curated by Antonio Ortuño (NY), Ana Sanfrutos (Berlin).
Organizers in Berlin Irene Cruz and Nati Grund.
Organizer Annex Space (NY) Begoña Rey.
On behalf of all of us, thank you for sharing your work for Under the Subway Video Art Night.
This fifth edition we received more than 400 videos. The quality, variety and energy reflected in all the proposals we received was gratifying.
In fact, the volume and quality of the submissions received this and the last fourth editions, clearly illustrates the continuing the effort to provide platforms where to see the work of individual artists.
Under the Subway will continue to build new resources to enhance our advocacy efforts to increase the support to the artists. 
List of participants:
- C. Alvarado/S. Genovés / L. & R. Colomina. USA.
   La Cara de tu Retrato. [Your Portrait's Face]. 2015.
- Jorge Catoni. Chile.
   "Paseo Ahumada" (Ahumada´s Path). 2011.
- Germán Torres. Spain.
   "EarthBeat". 2014.
- Cat & Gos films (Jordi Todolí & Stella Blasco Berlanga). Spain.
   GO ON. 2015.
- Andrew Eusebio. Canada.
   Métro. 2015
- Avelino Sala. Spain.   
- Tobias Gaede. Brazil.
   Chrominance Ejection Machine. 2015.
- Katina Bitsicas. USA.
   Hypnagogic Regression. 2014.
- Roberta Bonisson. USA.
- Beth Moyses. Brazil.
- Manuel Granados. Spain.
   Dulces Sueños. 2015.
- Adrian Regnier. Mexico.
   U. 2014.
- Erin Hael. USA.
   "Practice Makes Perfect". 2015.
- Kara J. Schmidt. USA.
   "Inner Landscape". 2014.
- Laura & Sira Cabrera. Spain.
   Deshabitarse / Self abandonment. 2012.
- Emiliano Zucchini. Italy.
   Capturing Memories. 2014.
- Sandrine Deumier-Alx P.op. France.
   Magical Garden. 2012.
- María José Ribas. Spain.
   Caleidoscopio. 2015.
- claRa apaRicio yoldi. UK.
   ZOOM out. 2014.
- Ruth Somalo. USA
   Sensorium. 2014.
- Ivana Larrosa. Spain.
   GRAVITY. 2015.
- Esther Miquel. Costa Rica.
   Day Before Yesterday. 2015.
- Sanja Hurem. USA.
   The Passage. 2014-2015.
- Sirin Bahar Demirel. Turkey.
   Life looks for life. 2015.
- Ana Dantas. Brazil.
   Untitled. 2013-2015.
- Cindy Hinant. USA.
   Summer Hit 2014. 2014. 
- Ivan Negroni. Puerto Rico.
   We can buy some more. 2011.
- Verónica Ruth Frías. Spain.   
   Un ratito de relax / A little bit of relaxation. 2015.
- Zlatko Cosic. USA.
- Reem El-Maghraby. Egypt.
   Limbic. 2014.
- Léa Furnion. France.
   Olympia. 2013.
- Henry Eric Hernández & Bernardo Marqués. Cuba/Spain.
   Bucles. 2014.
- Eduardo  Yagüe: Sweden.
   Broken figure. 2014.
- Paulo Aureliano da Mata. Portugal.
   El Minotauro #4. 2015.
- Elena Wen. Taiwan/USA.
   Drop Dead. 2011.
- Víctor Royás. Spain.
   Peaks. 2015.
- Mikey Peterson. USA
   Slip Away. 2014.
- Hadya Mahmoud. Egypt.
   She looks llike a cat. 2014.
- Román Reyes. Spain.
   Sinestesia. 2014.
- Mauricio Sanhueza. Perú.
   Nyan Cat (Psycho Cat). 2015.
- Lorenzo Sanjuan, Jesús Benito & Jose Callen. Japan/USA/Spain.
   If you like it, say something. 2015.
- kappala kumar. India.
   Work in progress. 2014.
- Agnès Quillet. France.
   Incident. 2013.
- David Catá. Spain.
   Déjame Volar.
- D Eceolaza. Germany.
- Irene Cruz. Spain/Germany.
- Karina Acosta. Argentina.
   WINNERS / Chapter #1.
- Juan Miceli. Argentina.
   My invencible land.
- Bárbara Matas. France.
   Un Jardin Pour Eva.
- Pachi Santiago. Spain.
   Wet Shirt + One true match.
- Verónica Vicente. Spain.
   A strategy of appearance II.


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