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Second Edition 2012


Video performance:
Ricardo Muñoz, Santiago Peraza and Jason Moran.
Ecuador, Colombia and USA.


Video Artists:
Victoria Febrer and Pedro J. Padilla, Felipe Meres, Angeles Cossio, Llorenç Ugas Dubreuil, Mary Porter, Libera Mazzoleni and Daria Baiocchi, Henrik Malmström, Laura F. Gibellini, Robin Assner and Adam Watkins, David Anthony Sant, Jeremy Newman, Peter T. Christenson, Kevin Day, Daniel Castellanos Reyes, Bruce Drummond and Dan Abatemarco, Jorge Catoni, Johanna Evans-Colley, Alessio Rutigliano, Carlos Llavata, Dato Mio, Leyla Rodriguez and Cristian Straub, Rosana Antolí & Guillermo Marton Bermejo, Miguel Maldonado, Raphaela Riepl, Quino Monje, Raúl Rodríguez, Ricardo Muñoz, Santiago Peraza, Jason Moran, Ivan Cordoba, Barbara Rosenthal, Oscar Mora and Salvia ferrer, Lucía C. Pino, Manu Marpel and Cooper Union School of Art: Maria Anaya, June Lei and Franklin Santiago.

This event is made possible in part by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs” and the support of Videoartworld (International Video Art Network). Local Project is a 501 (c) (3) non profit arts organization.


First Edition 2011



Vainica Project. 4.5 "Like fallen from heaven".


Laura Arena, Barbara Rosenthal, Angela Washko, Rosana Antoli, Camilo Quiroz, Matti Havens, JIvcevich, Renzo Ortega, Felix Fernandez, Juanma Carrillo, Liz-N-Val, Nerea de Diego, James Woodward, Jay Muhlin, Ari Richter, Karen Y Chan, Kate Vrijmoet, James Matthews and Iván Córdoba Pérez.


This event is made possible by Local Project, a 501 (c) (3) non profit arts organization.