International Open Call for Video Art entries to the 11th Under the Subway Video Art Night (USVAN) 2021.

Terms and conditions:
- All artists can participate without consideration of nationality or age.
- Works can be individual or groups projects .
- Works must be dated after 2018.
- Monocanal videos only.
- Only one piece per artist or collective.
- If the piece include dialogues, texts or voice in off must be in English, dubbed or subtitled in that language.
- Videos can’t be longer than 4 min.
- The video should be uploaded on Youtube or Vimeo for preview viewing.
- All participating artists will be notified via email.
Documentation to contribute (word or pdf by email).
- Title.
- Year and place of production.
- Link of the video in Youtube or Vimeo.
- Brief Synopsis.
- Short Artist Resume.
- A still frame of the video (jpg).
Technical Specifications:
- Production Format.
- Sound: hi-fi, stereo, mono, no sound.
Deadline for submission by email until June 30.
Note: For COVID-19 reasons this event will be held in September in a premiere in Youtube and depending on the incidence of the pandemic if it's possible in a physical space (art gallery, museum, public square, etc.) 
If you are interested in hosting our special edition in your gallery, alternative art space, museum, cultural center, etc.

Let's talk!! The more the merrier!
Help me make this an unforgettable viewing experience for all.
Thank you everybody!!
Antonio Ortuño
Under the subway Video Art Night (USVAN).